ProSun Sunshower

Tan While You Shower

The revolutionary all new ProSun Sunshower brings you your own private sun in the shower, along with all the positive things the sun has to offer. This exclusive bronzing system allows you to Tan While You Shower. Now your bathing ritual will become a combination of light and water, and your skin will color while you enjoy both the freshness and the warmth of your shower.

Using a balanced UV light spectrum which very closely resembles natural sunlight, the ProSun Sunshower carefully tans your skin. One gains the nicest complexion by regularly taking a well-balanced sunbath. This approach to tanning is much healthier and less stressful to one's skin than receiving a large amount of UV light at longer intervals.

Everybody's talking about it

At the 2006 K/BIS Show, the ProSun Sunshower was awarded Best New Bath Product.

HGTV will be airing a show featuring the ProSun Sunshower on Sunday, August 13th at 10PM, and again on Sunday, August 20th at 5PM.

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ProSun Sunshower is on HGTV! Click here to see the clip!